About We Stream TV!

Once upon a time, on a TV review site long forgotten, an intrepid group of smart people found each other in the comments. These kindred souls banded together on social media and made lasting friendships. Then the site that brought them together stopped doing classic TV reviews, and the People Were Sad. “Why do we leave ourselves to the whims of others?” they thought. “Why not write reviews of shows we like, so we can comment on them and keep our Eternal Discussion going?”

And so, We Stream TV! was born. We write reviews on series that can be found on streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu. Most of our reviews are of classic TV (read: cancelled), but occasionally we also follow shows that are currently airing but that can be caught up with on streaming TV. Some of the reviews aren’t even “TV”, but movies and shorts, but you should be able to find them on the same devices and services you’re streaming TV on, so it’s all the same now anyway.

The reviews come in three flavors:

Fresh – reviews of shows that are no longer airing without spoilers from future episodes (just the one being discussed). If you just found a show for the first time, these reviews are for you!

New – reviews of shows that are currently airing

Spoiled – reviews of shows from the beginning for people who are caught up on the current airings or have watched the entire cancelled series (these will contain spoilers from the whole series)

Films and shorts will of course have spoilers, because… how else would you do them, exactly?

We hope that you will enjoy our reviews and will join us in a thoughtful discussion. On that note, we do not tolerate people being mean or rude or any kind of “-ist”. If you can’t play nicely in our sandbox, we will ban you and never look back. That said, enjoy We Stream TV!

–Jill Swanson, admin


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