Instructions For Posting

Hey, are you a We Stream TV editor? No? Then this is not for you, go away! 🙂 Oh, you are? Then these are the instructions for posting to the site.

Most of you know this because you’ve already posted, but if not, read on…

1. Log in to If you don’t have an account and user name, you can’t post here anyway because I can’t give you permission until you do. To get one, go here:

2. Go to

3. On the very top left of your screen is the title of the blog again in tiny letters. HOVER your mouse over this. The first thing on the list is Dashboard, which you don’t need now but is very handy, so keep in mind it’s there. HOVER your mouse over “New”, and choose “Post”. (If you’re logged in while you’re reading this, you can do this from this very page. Hover over the blog name on the very top left and you’ll see.)

4. Now you are on the good editing screen. (You could also choose “New Post” from the very top right by your user name, but it opens a small editing window that’s pretty useless. If you use that screen, SAVE DRAFT instead of PUBLISH so you can get to this good screen later and do what’s needed.)

5. Add your title and write or paste in the text of your post. Note that there is a SAVE DRAFT button on the right side near the top (about the same line as your post title, but in the right sidebar). This is very handy if you want to come back later to finish. (This means you can also write directly into this screen, without using a word program to write in first.)

6. To add a purty picture on the top of your post, put your cursor before the text and click the ADD MEDIA button (it’s just above the bold and italic buttons) and follow the instructions.

7. The very FIRST LINE of your post after the picture should be “[Name of Show can be seen on….]” where the following words are links. If you don’t know how to do that, let me know and I’ll do it for you.

8. To add a JUMP after your first paragraph (or wherever, but that’s a good spot), put your cursor there and click the weird little button just to the left of the spell check button (it’s called “Insert More Tag”) , or press ALT + SHFT + T. This jump break will not show on the page of your whole post, only on the homepage (because if you’re at the post’s page, you’re already “continuing reading” so it doesn’t show there).

9. When you are finished, scroll down and look in the right sidebar for CATEGORIES. First, uncheck “uncategorized”. Then check the box next to your show or thread title. If it’s not there, click ADD NEW CATEGORY and write in the name. It should be in the form of “Show Name – Fresh/New/Spoiled” or “Name of Thread”. Don’t worry about that little drop-down menu, and then click the ADD NEW CATEGORY button.

9a. Fresh / Spoiled / New: This is only a rough guideline for the reader. You can write however you’d like within that guideline, and you might consider explaining how you’re going to handle spoilers in your welcome post.

The guidelines tell the reader:

Fresh – “There won’t be any spoilers beyond the current episode, so if you’re watching this for the first time and following the reviews, I won’t ruin it for you.” It’s fine if you, the reviewer, have seen the whole series, you don’t have to pretend you haven’t. You might even write from that perspective, as in “this will be a common motif on the show” or “pay attention to how he answered that” or something like that. Fresh reviews just won’t have the kind of plot point spoilers that might ruin things for the reader (like a character death).

Spoiled – “You’d better go binge-watch the whole thing before you start reading these reviews, because I’m going to talk about everything.” I’m planning reviews of the show Haven that are totally spoiled. It’s a show full of mysteries that by the end of Season 3 we know a lot more about. In the hiatus before Season 4, I went back and watched the series from the beginning, and was really excited to find that the pilot (and the whole series, really) laid out all these clues, and all the conversations and details that were so confounding the first time all completely make sense when you re-watch. So my spoiled reviews go over all the details that mean something different now that we know a lot more. The reader needs to know this from the category before they stumble in and get spoiled on everything. (I’m also hoping to do a set of Fresh reviews for the whole series, so this distinction would tell the two apart.)

New – “This series is currently airing so spoilers don’t apply because I don’t have a crystal ball.” Not too many takers for this kind of review, as most of the site is classic tv and film, but it’s also here to serve my Haven needs, because no one is doing a good recap/review of the show currently, so I’m writing one.

Film (and other Self-Contained Things): you can mark your review Fresh if you’d like to review a film in a “should you go see it or not” kind of review, and Spoiled if it’s a “here’s an old movie I’m going to tell you all about” or “I just saw this and here’s what I liked and didn’t like” kind of review. Or you can assume, as I usually do, that a film review will have spoilers, and don’t read it until you’ve watched it. (So far all the film reviews here have been like this.)

10. If you make a new category, let me know so I can add it to the drop-down menu. (It’s an admin thing.)

11. Tags are optional, but we are starting to use ones like the show’s title, “season 1”, “episode 1”, etc. Eventually these can be used in the search box, so you could type in Journeyman season 1 episode 2 and the right post will come up. It’s not really an issue yet, but if you want to play with it, that’s fine. (This post is tagged INSTRUCTIONS if you need to find it again.)

12. Now you can PUBLISH (the big blue button in the right sidebar) or above that click on SAVE DRAFT, whichever you need. If you save the draft, you can preview your post and make sure it looks right.

That’s it! Please let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to use the comment section here as a little “forum” of Q&A.

–Jill, your devoted Admin


One thought on “Instructions For Posting

  1. POSTS THAT DON’T APPEAR: Hey y’all, I just found another troubleshooting thing. I posted this review but it didn’t show up anywhere. My friend who follows the blog got an email, and could follow the link to the post, but it wasn’t on the site if we just went to the homepage. I used my back button to get back to the editing screen, and over on the right side bar,**** just two lines above the big blue PUBLISH button, is a place to schedule your post for a certain date and time****. Usually it reads “Immediately”, but this time it had date and time boxes– and the date was set to one month in the past. Clearly this had confused it. (I don’t know how it got that way.) So I set it for one minute into the future, and it popped right up on the homepage and in all the places it should be. If this ever happens to you, now you’ll know what to do.

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