Journeyman – Fresh!


Welcome to Jill’s reviews of Journeyman, which aired on NBC for only 13 episodes in 2007. Journeyman can be streamed on Hulu and Amazon.

Here’s the trailer:

Just a bit of background on the short season – NBC ordered the first 13 episodes, which were then written and shot, and then in December when it came time to order the “back nine” (the rest of the season), they quietly let the deadline pass without saying anything about it.  Journeyman had a strong start in the ratings, with good critical reviews (except the guy who thought it was derivative of Early Edition and Quantum Leap, but hey, we liked those and we’d like some more, please?) but did slump slightly in the ratings as the 13 episodes went on.

More importantly, the writers’ strike came shortly thereafter that spring. Given that they had yet to commission nine more scripts, my guess is that they saw the storm on the horizon and decided not to enter into new contracts for scripts with writers who might or might not actually write them.  Why get entangled in yet more worry when you can just sidestep it? And so Journeyman ended up a casualty of bad timing. I also think it would have done much better on basic cable, but it would have suffered some in production value. There aren’t that many special effects, but there are a lot of outdoor and location shots (giving the show a nice realistic feel), and tricking out streets and extras in various vintage clothing and props isn’t cheap.

It’s a crying shame this show was cancelled. It’s exactly the sort of thing I like to see on TV. So do yourself a favor and follow the link above to Hulu, where you can watch all 13 episodes, and follow along!



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