Condensed Malk

1350944549_5fccad4907_mWith a busy day and a stagnant demanding career, I’ve only so much time and plenty of pop culture riffing away in my head – so I’m hoping that you’ll all help me find my way through things in an expeditious manner. (Lots of credit to Sly Stallone for that word – anyone else saw Oscar? No? Well, that’s for Bad Movies I’ve Seen Many Many MANY Times anyways.)

Condensed Malk will be a few things, but mostly it’ll be me catching up, and hopefully quickly. The poll feature will help crowdsource what comes next, whether it’s the most important, the most interesting, or the most baffling of following episodes. There’s plenty I need to catch up on – and some of it’s on my shelves!

(And there’s some things that’ll need to be watched in full, obviously, like Slings and Arrows or Mad Men or Breaking Bad. I’m not a web-addled monster, just a web-addled abomination who is woefully behind the curve on television-watching.)


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